Signal Jamming Device

Special device that scrambled the frequency signal, can be use for public or military purpose mobile, portable,and rack mounted available. VIP Security, Counter-Terrorism, illegal Gathering Control, Prison Jamming Solutions, Anti-UAV

Antenna and accessories

High Gain Antena on Any purpose Antenna many kind of mobile mounted, handheld or on site Antenna. Each frequency and any size we provide the best for your need.

Secure Phone

Bittium Tough Mobile smartphone is designed and built for Security, Public Safety, and other professional markets. The sleek and rugged Bittium Tough Mobile provides superior security and compliance with carrier-grade featurerequirements

Assets Tracking Software

ATMOS , together with its asset tracking software, offers increased visibility in real time tracking and counting inventory at your fingertips. Our solution works seamlessly with GPS Tracking System, Active RFID Infrastructure and Mobile RFID Readers to improve real time location accuracy and safety.

Military Radio

we provide the best for your need AT Communication Systems, HF VHF UHF Data Terminals, Military Digital Microwave Radio, Military Intercom Systems, VHF Military Tactical Radios, Encryption Products and Surveillance Radars.

Digital TV Broadcast Equipment

We provide the Advanced Television System, Integrated Services Digital Broadcasting, Digital Terrestrial Multimedia Broadcasting and program input monitoring for your need.